What’s a Bounty (Free NFTs) and how can I claim them?

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A Bounty is a free-to-claim NFT distributed by an Artist. It gives everyone an opportunity to step into the NFT world at no costs, by owning a unique digital collectible.


How do I know if a song is a bounty?

You can identify bounty NFTs thanks to the Bounty icon located on the top right corner of the card.


How do I claim a bounty?

The process to claim a bounty can be different for each. Click on the Bounty icon of a card to have more information on how to claim it.


Are the bounties displayed on the marketplace? How can I find them?

Bounties are not displayed on the marketplace, they are meant to be found. You can find bounties by following Artists on their socials and be on the lookout for announcements!


Happy hunting!


I’ve found a bounty but couldn’t claim it, why?

Bounties are available on a ‘First come, first serve’ basis.

If you can't claim a Bounty, it's because you aren't eligible to claim it, haven't completed the requirements set up by the artist, or because it’s sold out.


Can I re-sell my bounties?

Like any other limited edition on Pianity, you can re-sell the bounties you own on the secondary marketplace.

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