How do I release a Bounty (Free NFTs) as an Artist?

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A Bounty is a free-to-claim NFT that you can offer your fans. As an Artist, It's a great way to start building your community and get people interested in Web 3.0 by rewarding them with a unique collectible! You can also use Bounties as a marketing tool to increase your online presence or boost your physical sales!


Bounties are distributed on a 'First come, first serve basis' until they have all been distributed.


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How do I set up a Bounty?

Making a release a bounty is available as an option when submitting a song:

1. In the submitting form, go to the Release type section and select Bounty.


2. Select the scarcity you'd like to distribute as a Bounty by clicking on 'Add a scarcity' and select between Unique, Legendary, and Epic



3. Explain to people how to claim your Bounty

Write some text explaining to your fans how they can claim your Bounty NFT. This is what they'll see when visiting the song's page, so make sure everything is clear and all links are accessible!

Here are a few examples of what you can do with Bounties. For each, you'll also find sample phrases you can use.

a) Simple giveaway

Want to reward your fans for their support while start building your community and get your fans interested in Web 3.0?
Simply share the secret link to your Bounties on your socials for everyone to claim!

Sample phrase: "Check my Instagram bio and click on the link to claim your free NFT!"

b) Social Media Contest

Need a boost on your socials or more engagement on your publications?

Using a social media contest tool like, you can set-up some actions (follow your profiles on social media, share a specific publication) your fans will have to complete in order to access the secret link and claim their free NFT.

Sample phrase: "Follow the instructions on to claim your free NFT!"

c) Bonus to your physical distribution

Want to increase your physical sales? Include the secret QR code to your vinyl or merch packaging for a cool bonus.

Sample phrase: "Buy my new vinyl and scan the QR code within the sleeve to claim your free NFT!"


4. Distribution agreement (optional)


Finally, you can choose to accept to give Pianity the right to distribute your Bounty during our company's events.

This will help broaden your audience but make sure it aligns with your release strategy


5. Submit the release


Where can I find my Bounty's secret link and QR code?

The secret link allowing your fans to claim your Bounty will be accessible to you (and only you) directly on the Bounty's page once it has been submitted. You can then share this link according to your release strategy.


How many Bounties can I release?

There is no limit to how many Bounties you can release but can only release a new Bounty once the previous one has been sold out.


Is my Bounty displayed on the Marketplace once released?

Bounties are not displayed on the marketplace, they are meant to be found by your fans through your online promotion.





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