What can I release on Pianity?

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The magic of NFTs is the infinite possibilities it opens up. Pianity is a marketplace entirely dedicated to music, so every release is a song, associated with a unique cover and a description. Unlike CD formats, a song has no maximum length or obligation to be a radio or streaming format.

Feel free to distribute:

  • An exclusive song that will only be available on Pianity.
  • A "premiere" for your song/album before its release on streaming platforms.
  • One of your song that performed really well in the past.

The most important is to be consistent with your style and what your community is expecting. However, to register an NFT you must, of course, have the agreement of all the rights holders.

Because we are committed to provide the best audio experience to everyone, we only accept high-quality audio files: .WAV and .FLAC 

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