What is $PIA?

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$PIA is Pianity's Profit Sharing Community token. While owning PIA tokens, you get to vote on decisions with the rest of the community. Everything you need to know is on our community.xyz page. You can also find $PIA's Smart Contract here!


A Profit Sharing Community is like a start-up company, except unlike a traditional start-up, it is decentralized, open-sourced, and built on the permaweb. In a conventional start-up model, founders spend most of their time fundraising, and contributors often have little to no governance. 


The $PIA has not yet been listed on an exchange for trading, meaning you are here early! The only way to acquire some $PIA is to be active within our community:

Last but not least, you get rewarded with $PIA whenever you purchase NFTs thanks to the Weekly Rewards!



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