What's the environmental impact of my NFT?

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The environmental impact of NFTs is a topic that matters to most of our artists and to us. Before building Pianity we investigated the different options available and we are convinced we made the optimal choice to minimize our environmental impact.

All the other platforms (Opensea, SuperRare, Foundation, Zora...) are based on Ethereum. Ethereum runs on Proof of Work (similarly to Bitcoin) which is known to consume a lot of energy.

At Pianity we took a different path and opted for a technology that uses 1000 times less energy than Ethereum. It is called Arweave. Indeed the Arweave team was very concerned about CO2 emissions from the start. They developed a technology called Proof of Access which consumes orders of magnitude less energy than Proof of Work systems.

In March 2021 they improved even more by releasing SPoRa (Succinct Proof of Random Access) which consumes even less energy.

Here are some references about Proof of Access:

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