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How does Pianity work?

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Our mission: connect artists with their fans

Pianity revolutionizes the music industry by enforcing fair revenues for artists and exclusive content for fans and collectors. 

Discover, collect and trade limited-edition music. 

Browse the market and discover the most exclusive songs. Streaming music on Pianity is free for all, but as a fan and collector, you can collect NFTs to: 

  • Support your favorite artist 
  • Be an early adopter and grow a music collection that you truly own 
  • Invest in emerging or established artists to share their success 

Each song minted as an NFT comes with a different scarcity based on the number of NFTs available.

  • The Unique edition: a one-off digital music collectible, only 1 NFT available.
  • The Legendary edition: only 10 NFTs available.
  • The Epic edition: only 100 NFTs available.
  • The Rare edition: only 1000 NFTs available.
The Unique Editions are always sold through auctions. If the price reaches $100, then the Legendary Edition is automatically minted at the end of the auction, at 20% of the Unique Edition's price. 

Unlockable content 

Artists can attach unlockable content to each edition in order to offer even more exclusive experiences and content to collectors. Unlockable contents are distributed to collectors directly by the Artist.




NFTs & permanent storage: collect Atomic NFTs


Pianity is a music NFT marketplace built on Arweave a new type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments.  

Atomic NFTs Offer a Permanent Alternative to Ethereum and IPFS. Because the music asset and the smart contract are immutably stored together on Arweave, our NFTs are forever stored on the blockchain and truly eternal. 

Arweave developed a technology called Proof of Access which consumes 100 times less energy than Proof of Work systems such as Ethereum. Read more about Pianity and the environment


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