What is PianityDAO?

DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”, it’s a new way of organizing people and distributing ownership to a variety of stakeholders in complete independence.
It is the most equitable organizational structure, as DAOs are owned by the people who create value in them.

Anyone who owns $PIA on Pianity gets to participate in the decisions of what can be minted as an NFT on Pianity.

Who can vote?

Anyone who owns $PIA on Pianity can vote. Depending on the number of PIA owned, you get votes in your wallet that you can use to vote for a track in the Waitlist.

To get $PIA, please refer to the $PIA FAQ.

What is the Waitlist?

The Waitlist is our decentralized music curation process. Tracks submitted by artists to be released as NFTs are automatically added to the Waitlist to be voted by the DAO.

Every day, the track ranked first on the Waitlist is going to be approved by the DAO to be minted as an NFT. In the meantime, the track ranked last on the Waitlist will be eliminated.

How to submit a track?

You can create your artist's profile and submit your track to the waitlist here.

What is the reward for voting?

You can earn $PIA by voting for tracks that get accepted by the DAO.
100$ PIA are distributed to the voters of the track accepted by the DAO, depending on the number of votes given.

For example, if one collector gives 700 votes, another one 200 votes, and a third one 100 votes on the track approved, each one will respectively receive 70 $PIA, 20 $PIA, and 10 $PIA.

Reporting a track submitted

To make sure that a track respects our community guidelines and copyrights, each track submitted is reviewed by the members and our team before being minted on the marketplace. You can report a track by clicking on the flag button 🚩 and choose the reason:
Copyright infringement
Track is available as an NFT elsewhere
Inappropriate content
Unfinished work
Hate speech

If a song does not meet the required conditions, it will be removed from the waitlist.

Is the NFT minted right away?

The artist will decide on a release date together with our team. The NFT will be minted a few hours before the official release.

Do all the tracks released on Pianity go through the waitlist?

At the moment, only 1 track per day is accepted through the waitlist. As the community grows, the releases will increase. Other releases, special partnerships with artists, and record labels will keep going through an internal process until we fully decentralize the curation.

How are the votes calculated?

Your votes are calculated on the amount of PIA you own, and the time you lock them.
1 $PIA locked for 2 weeks gives you 1 vote
1 $PIA locked for 4 weeks will give you 2 votes
10 $PIA locked for 1 month (4 weeks) is equivalent to 10 * 2 = 20 votes.

Currently, all the $PIA are locked for 6 months. Therefore one $PIA is worth about 12 votes.

How many times can I vote?

You can give your votes to as many tracks as you wish. There is no minimum or maximum vote that you can give for a track. Once you use a vote you can’t take it back.

If you used all your votes, you’ll need to earn more $PIA in order to get more.

Who controls and verifies the tracks?

The verification of the tracks submitted is made by the DAO. If a track does not respect Pianity’s Terms and Conditions of Use, it will be removed from the waitlist.

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