This article is intended to give Artists a few tips that will increase their chances at getting nominated by the Pianity community

Check our article on PianityDAO to better understand the Pianity voting system
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Your Artist profile

The first key step is to properly complete your Pianity Artist profile. Trust is very important to our community. If our community can trust you, you are already halfway there. A well written profile page with good quality pictures, links to your social media and biography is a first step in that direction.

Your submitted work

After your profile is created you will be able to submit your first track. A track comes with a cover and a description. The more unique and creative, the more chance it can convince the community.

It's not only about whether the track and artwork are appealing, but also about the story behind it and why it's a unique asset that is worthy of being collected.

Get involved with Pianity

Follow us on Instagram

Join our Twitter and share your submitted work on your Twitter account

Join the Pianity Discord Server, claim your @Aspring Artist role and start interracting with the community. Our collectors are always on the lookout for great artistic projects!

Setting up a Pianity account and start collecting is also a fantastic way to engage with us. It's a proof of your commitment and the community tend to pay special attention to artists that are already active on the marketplace.

Don't forget to share your freshly acquired NFT on all your socials!
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