What is $PIA?

$PIA is Pianity's Profit Sharing Community token. While owning PIA tokens, you get to vote on decisions with the rest of the community. Everything you need to know is on our community.xyz page.

A Profit Sharing Community is like a start-up company, except unlike a traditional start-up, it is decentralized, open-sourced, and built on the permaweb. In a conventional start-up model, founders spend most of their time fundraising, and contributors often have little to no governance.
You can also find $PIA's Smart Contract here!

How can I get $PIA? Can I buy them?

$PIA is not listed anywhere yet, and we won't do an ICO. For now, the only way to get some $PIA is to earn them through our cashback promotions, or being ranked in our Leaderboards. Collect NFTs on Pianity, and you will receive tokens.

I cannot see my $PIA in ArConnect

This is normal. Your $PIA are locked in the contract and ArConnect does not show locked tokens. If you go to the community.xyz page and login with your wallet, you should be able to find your tokens.

Another way is if you go to Viewblock.io you can paste your wallet address and then go to the tokens tab.

You can also see your tokens in your wallet on Pianity (the wallet icon in the top right of your screen when logged in).

I am logged in but cannot see my Pianity wallet.

This is because you need to finish verifying your ArConnect account. You will not be able to purchase NFTs or see your Pianity wallet until then. To do so, you need to get some $AR, even 0.01 is enough. You can find more info here: How to use ArConnect

How much are $PIA worth?

PIA tokens are currently worth 0.10 USD each. This price will remain fixed until we go public towards the end of the year.

Can I trade my $PIA?

Not for now. Your PIA tokens are locked for the next 6 months to give us time to go public. This means you are getting in at a very early stage!

What can I do with my $PIA?

Having locked $PIAs means you have a right to vote on community decisions on our community.xyz page. In the future you will be able to trade and use your $PIAs to purchase NFTs on Pianity.
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