What are the leaderboards ?

The Leaderboards are a new feature that calculates in real-time who are the most active users and collectors on Pianity over the week. It rewards in $PIA the TOP 3 in 4 categories.

It's a weekly leaderboard, so the ranking starts on Monday and ends on Sunday at 11:59 pm CEST.

What are the rankings?

There are 4 ways to become a leader:

1 —  Top Collectors: who collects the most NFTs
The first ranking rewards the best collectors of NTFs in number of NFTs purchased during the week. The leaderboards calculate in real-time who has the most extensive collection of NFTs, no matter their worth. It’s only how many NFTs you have in your collection that will make you a leader!

2 —  Top Buyers: who spends the most

Another way to be ranked as a leader is having the highest collection value. You may have only a few NFTs, but their worth can take you up to the first stage of the podium. At the end of the week, what matters is how much you’re supporting musicians and investing in their music.

3 — Top Bidders: who bids the most often

The top 3 who bids the most often on the auctions will be ranked in our leaderboards. What counts is the number of bids made over the week, not the value of them.

4 — Who invites the most through the referral program

You can invite the world and get rewards! The more collectors you bring on Pianity, the higher your ranking will be. The invited person is counted in your ranking once they purchased an NFT.

5- Help the community on Discord and get rewarded

We also created a Leaderboard in our Discord Server to reward the most active users in it. Just like for the other leaderboards, the Top 3 contributors in the server will receive $PIA.

What are the rewards?

The Leaderboards reward the TOP 3 users over the week, in the different categories they will respectively receive:
: 3000 $PIA
: 1500 $PIA
: 750 $PIA

What happens if two people are equals?

If two people have the same score in one category, who got the position first will receive the higher reward. For exemple, if two people bought 20 NFTs during the week, the first one who bought the 20th NFT will be ranked first.

When are distributed the $PIA?

Our leaderboards calculate what happens between Monday and Sunday 11:59 pm CEST.

The Leaders of the week will receive their $PIA on Monday.
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