At Pianity, we are constructing a network of talented artists from all over the world and within a large variety of music genres.

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Artists can get on our radar using this form

Pianity is still in early access at the moment and only accepting a limited number of artists.
We are currently receiving an important amount of submissions so please make sure to carefully include everything requested in the form and that all the links are accessible.

Each week our team of curators carefully reviews and vets all new artist submissions and the bar for entry continues to rise as more and more amazing artists submit profiles.

Tips for getting accepted on Pianity

With this article we want to give new potential artists the best possible chance of getting accepted by sharing some tips on what factors are most important for your artist profile to be verified.

Promote your music on social media

Having an already established fan base and knowing how to promote yourself is paramount to an NFT drop success. We’ve seen very clearly that the artists doing a good job of promoting themselves and their music on social media are the ones that attract the most collectors on Pianity.

Collectors appreciate artists that know how to promote themselves.

Get involved in the Pianity community

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Discord.

Setting up a Pianity account and start collecting is also a fantastic way to engage with us. It's a proof of your commitment and we tend to pay special attention to artists that are already active in our community.
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