The creation of value for creators and collectors is encoded in Pianity's DNA. As we rapidly progress with our roadmap, Pianity will continue to unveil amazing features and provide an ever-larger set of possibilities to our community of musicians and collectors.

We introduced an innovative reward-distribution methodology that incentivizes long-term collectors to keep collecting: Profit Sharing NFTs.

Pianity developed this reward-distribution system to valorize collectors for their support to musicians. Every collector on Pianity receives a weekly reward proportional to the size of its NFT portfolio. It is paid in fiat and directly added to your wallet.

Why are Rewards distributed to collectors?

When you buy an NFT you take risks:

Liquidity risk: Your funds are now locked inside the NFT. The only way to recover them is to sell it.

Value risk: The value of your NFT can vary, for the better or for the worst.

It appeared natural that Pianity should help the collectors by providing compensation for the risk taken. So they can support even more musicians.

When are Rewards distributed?

Rewards are distributed every Thursday. It is an automated process that does not need any action from your side.

The annual percentage yield (APY) for collectors is currently above 145%!

How are Rewards distributed?

We compute your weekly reward based on three parameters:

The total value of your NFT portfolio (as of the previous Sunday)
The total value of NFTs in circulation on Pianity
The total amount of the weekly reward.

Your reward is the ratio between your portfolio value and the market value, multiplied by the weekly reward.

Example: If you own 10% of the NFTs in circulation you will earn 10% of the reward distributed that week.

How is the total value of my NFT portfolio computed?

It is the sum of the values at which you acquired your NFTs.

Is my wallet balance taken Into account?

No. Only the value of your NFTs counts.

For how long will the Rewards be distributed?

The rewards are distributed every for as long as you own NFTs in your wallet. If you keep your NFT forever, you will receive it forever.

Start collecting, start earning
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