Why you should get involved with CryptoMusic as a musical Artist

Discover a new artistic medium and become truly independent. The digital realm offers you creative potential that you won’t find anywhere else.
Connect with your fanbase like never before by enabling them to own THE most special item and be a part of your story.
Capture most of the value generated. You receive a percentage of the sales whenever your work is bought on the primary market or sold between collectors on the secondary market.

On Pianity, Artists receive 80% of the total revenue generated on the primary market and 8% on the secondary market.

What to drop on Pianity?

The magic of NFTs is the infinite possibilities it opens up. Pianity is a platform entirely dedicated to music, so every release is a track, associated with a unique cover and a description. Unlike CD formats, a track has no maximum length or obligation to be a radio or streaming format.

Once your artist profile has been validated, you should only release what you consider to be one of your best work.

Feel free to distribute:

An exclusive track that will only be available on Pianity.
A "premiere" for your song/album before its release on streaming platforms.
One of your tracks that performed really well in the past.

The most important is to be consistent with your style and what your community is expecting. However, to register an NFT you must, of course, have the agreement of all the rights holders.

What are the costs?

On Pianity, there are no costs (Gas fees) associated with the creation and distribution of your CryptoMusic.

How do I get paid?

Once one of your items is sold, whether it’s on the primary or secondary market, all the revenues will be automatically credited into your Pianity wallet. You can then decide to use your wallet balance to buy new NFTs or to withdraw it to your bank account.

How do I withdraw money?

There is a “Withdraw” button in your wallet. We process all the withdrawal requests every first day of each month.

What about copyrights?

When a buyer acquires an NFT on Pianity, he/she owns a reproduction of the track that lives on the blockchain. However, the owner of the NFT is not the owner of the song itself and therefore cannot use it for commercial purposes.
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